The medieval fort - Medvedgrad

The citizens of Zagreb use their days off for an active hike to Medvednica – a forest covered mountain where the medieval fort Medvedgrad is situated. We visited Medvedgrad on a sunny autumn day. We parked the car in the city neighbourhood Šestine. There are several walking tracks to the fort and it is up to you whether you will take the forest or tarmac paths. Entrance fee is 15,00 HRK and there is also an option of a guided tour which is available for additional 30,00 HRK. (25,00 HRK for a group of 5 or more). The fort provides an exceptional view of the city and its surroundings, which you can capture with your camera. A souvenir shop can be found in the fort, where you can buy all sorts of items with the motifs of Medvedgrad. There is also an auditorium with a virtual presentation on the history of Medvedgrad and the Medvednica mountain and chapel can be found in the garden outside. It seems as if you are just a few steps away from the distinctive tower dominating the Sljeme peak. In the summer days, this fort is the host of the Film Festival held within the walls of the fort with the special ambiance of the city lights during the night.

We surely recommend visiting the fort if you want to take a break from the urban noise and relax in the nature. For more information visit the official site of the Medvednica Nature park or ask at the reception of Hotel Raca.