Take a walk through the Grič tunnel

The opening of the Grič tunnel marked the summer of 2016 in Zagreb. Its name represents the old part of Zagreb, which – together with Kaptol (another old part of Zagreb) - formed the city as we know it today.

We went for a walk through this new attraction that connects Radićeva and Mesnička streets to experience whether it is a place that every visitor should see. A 350m long tunnel is open every day from 9AM until 9PM and it has exits on 4 streets – Mesnička, Radićeva, Ilica, Tomićeva. Notes from the past indicate that the tunnel was built in the time of NDH (Nezavisna Država Hrvatska – Independent State of Croatia) in 1945. It was a shelter during the Second World War. It retained the same function during the Homeland war in 1991. A few years later, its purpose has changed when the first rave party in Zagreb was organised and it was used as an exhibition area and a storage in the following years. Our impression: we walked through the tunnel in the evening. We entered the tunnel on Mesnička street where you can find a guard that directs visitors. The tunnel is well illuminated and plays smooth background music. Various signs on the wall can be seen, such as: „No spitting on the floor“, „Warn those who do not follow the rules“, dating from the Second World War when the tunnel was built. The tunnel surely creates a very interesting impression and judging by the number of visitors it is clearly popular enough to be listed as a „must see“ landmark in Zagreb.



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