Hotel Raca is located in Sesvete, a part of Zagreb. Sesvete is well connected to all tourist and business destinations in Zagreb. A memorable part of Sesvete is the old baroque church Svih Svetih from which Sesvete got its name. The main Sesvete cultural establishments are the museum “Muzej Prigorja”, the “Knjižnica Sesvete” library and the university “Narodno sveučilište Sesvete”. Sesvete and its surrounding areas make the eastern part of Zagreb, which takes up a little less than a fifth of the entire area of Zagreb. There is also an IKEA store located in the Eastern business district of Zagreb. The city mall City Center One East is the perfect place for all your shopping needs. Hotel Raca is located on the path toward the famous Croatian sanctuary Marija Bistrica, and it is near the nature park Medvednica.

Just a few kilometres from us is the centre, the heart of Zagreb. Zagreb is full of museums, daily activities and attractions like the changing of the Cravat Regiment guard at the Upper Town, lots of concerts in the beautiful park Zrinjevac and a lot of folklore events. The famous market Dolac which has been there since the 1930s offers all the indigenous foods and ingredients from Zagreb and Prigorje. The popular “bazaar” Hrelić is also one of the destinations you don’t want to miss.

Distances from the hotel

  • Bus station: 13 km
  • Center: 14 km
  • Disco club: 3 km
  • Bank: 2,5 km
  • Gas station: 2,5 km
  • Pharmacy: 2 km
  • Airport: 17 km
  • Train station: 13 km
  • Shopping center: 10 km
  • Casino: 3 km
  • Post: 3 km
  • Hospital: 9 km
  • Sport activities: 2,5 km
  • Museum: 10 km